The Cassette recorder

The Cassette recorder (Dads old world receiver) is an audio device from Secret files tunguska in Wladimir Kalenkow's House on Wladimir Kalenkow's Desk.

At first you don't can switch it on, cause Nina says „The aerial ist broken off, a cassette isn't inside. Expect a reassuring regular sounding Roaring i wouldn't hear something.“

Cassette 1 Edit

Wladimir Kalenkov: The first and the last at the Car, from the Entrance in the underground a quarter of the holes and finally the guards from my work.

Nina: What? What is this? A Code? Dad, sometimes your really gaga.

Solution Edit

text Solution
His car stand in his garage in the Inner courtyard from Wladimir Kalenkov's Haus, the number plate is: B:WK 283, so the first is 2 and the last 3. 2 3
The „Entrance in the underground“ is the drain cover in front of his garage. All in all he have 16 holes, to get a quarter out, I must only by 4 parts, amount 4. 4
The „Guards from my work“ are the two statutes In front of the Berlin museum, so 2. 2
So the code is: 2, 3, 4, 2 2 3 4 2