This Conversation begin after the Conversation with Max in Max Grubers Office, you just have to go in Wladimir Kalenkow's Office.

This is a Conversation between Nina Kalenkow and Detective Kanski.

The beginning Edit

Nina: Who are you and what are you doing here?

A Person called Kanski: I could ask you the same thing. Detective Kanski. I'm leading the investigation here. And who are you?

Nina: Me? Nina Kalenkow. I called you.

Kommissar Kanski: Well, well. So, I hear you're father disappeared?

Nina: Yeah, I arrived here and wanted to see my father. He said he'd still be at the museum ... and when I got here, the door to the museum was ajar and it looked like a bomb had hit his office. I'm really worried ... Thanks for coming.

Chaos Edit

Nina: Do you have any idea what could have happened here? I can't believe that my father could have created such a mess.

Kanski: Hhhhm, I don't even know your father, but we can't rule out anything.

Nina: Do you really mean to say that ...

Kanksi: I'm not saying anything at all, deary. I just take all possibilities into account as long as the facts aren't on the table.

Father Edit

Nina: Do you think something happened to my father?

Kanski: Hard to say.

Police Edit

Nina: I thought the police wouldn't be able to help me as long as my father's life wasn't in danger?

Kanski: Listen, girlie. I've been in the business for almost 40 years - I know when something stinks - and this thing really stinks! And if you have something to do with this, then come out with it - I'll find out sooner or later.

Nina: Hello? I called the police. Well, more like: I tired to get them to come here - why would i do that if I had ...

Kanski: Criminals always do the most illogical things. I'M not fooled by such things; otherwise I wouldn't have become a detective.

Nina: Yeah, alright, I get it, you're a really clever guy.

End of the Conversation Edit

Nina: If you find something out, you'll let me know right away, right?

Kanski: Yeah, yeah. I need your phone number and address anyway. And don't leave the city. I might have some more questions. Now get out. You're just getting in the way and messing up the evidence.