Conversation with Eddy in the Statue

The Conversation with Eddy in the Statue is a Conversation in Secret files tunguska.

Content Edit

Nina: I hear noises coming from the statue.
It looks like someone's in there!
Hmmm ... there's a hidden door!


Nina: Eddy, what are you doing in here?

Eddy: Ooooh, Miss Nina. Are they still here?

Nina: Still here? Who?

Eddy: They ... came ... I couldn't see, but suddenly I knew that they were there ... I went into a panic ... had to hide ... And then i saw them ... they looked like they were floating ... but they were just blurs ... the air was vibrating ... They didn't speak, but these voices ... these voices in my head ... hundreds of voices.

Nina: Eddy, have you been drinking again?

Eddy: No, no. I haven't been drinking. I swear. Well, at least not a lot. But they were really there. I could see them, could feel them. I wasn't imagining things. Belive me! Those black capes with those bony fingers . I'll never forget it!

Nina: It's ok, Eddy. Just come out oft there and ... calm down

...Eddy runs away...

Nina: The poor guy's nerves are shot. I should talk to him after he's calmed down a bit.