Conversation with Max in Max Grubers Office

The first conversation

After you turn off the Electricity in the Fuse box, you go automatically in Max Grubers Office and then this Conversation with Max Gruber will begin.

Intro, Greeting, First Talk Edit

Max: Hello, you're Nina Kalenkow, right?

Nina: Yeah, how did you know that?

Max: Your father told me about you. I'm so happy to finally meet you. Were you wanting to have a look over your father's shoulder while he's working?

Nina: I wanted to see him, but when I got here, the door to the museum was standing wide open and his office was in total chaos. Oh yeah, Eddy was crouching completely terrified inside the reproduction of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and was stammering something about floating creatures.

Max: Hmm ... doesn't exactly sound like a strict observation of the work rules. But I'm not at fault; I haven't come out of my office for hours ... What does your father have to say about it?

Nina: That's exactly it: He's gone.

Max: Gone? What do you mean gone? He couldn't have just disappeared into thin air.

Nina: I have a sneaking suspicion that something terrible has happened here. You really didn't see anything?

Max: No, unfortunately not.

Work Edit

Nina: My father's room looks like it's been rummaged through. Do you know what my father was working on last?

Max: Not exactly. Actually, he was supposed to have been taking inventory. We're renovating.

Nina: Yeah, i know. But...

Max: But he mentioned recently that the inventory wasn't top priority right now ... something came up that he wanted to tend to first.

Nina: You don't happen to know what that was, do you?

Max: No, like I said, I was stressed out too.

Father Edit

Nina: Did you notice anything out of the ordinary recently? Any strange occurrences? Was my father behaving differently than usual?

Max: No, not really. We haven't seen much of each other in the last couple of days. I was under a lot of stress and he seemed like he had a lot to do too.

Nina: Darn.

Max: Maybe you should get the police involved. The whole thing sounds a bit unsettling.

Nina: Yeah, I already tried, but they don't seem to be interested in my father's disappearance.

Eddy Edit

Nina: The caretaker was totally out of his mind. Stammering something about men in black robes and strange voices.

Max: Eddy? You know, he's a really great guy, but ...

Nina: But he likes to hit the bottle, I know. But I've never seen him like that before. He seemed like something had really scared him.

Max: Well, if someone really was here, then Eddy might be have seen something. And combine his lively imagination with a bottle of whiskey ...

Nina: Yeah, but i think I'll go ahead and talk to him as soon as he's gotten a hold of himself again anyway. He's the only one who might be able to help me.

Conversation's End Edit

Nina: I'll just keep looking. I'm beginning to feel like Eddy does. I'm totally confused and I'm really starting to feel scared.

Max: If you need help - I'll be here.

Nina: Okay, thank a lot.

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