Conversation with Max in front of the Museum

The Conversation with Max in front of the Museum is a Converstation in Secret files tunguska which happens directly after the Conversation with Detective Kanski.

Content Edit

Nina: Strange guy, this detective, eh?

Max: Yeah, and not exactly the friendliest of his profession, but maybe you have to be like that in his job.

Nina: Yeah, could be. The main thing is that he finds out what happened to my father. At least there's someone who believes that something is completely and utterly wrong.

Max: I believe you, too.

Nina: Thanks.

Max: And I'd like to help you, too. I don't need to got to bed anyway. and I can always sleep when I'm dead. So, if I can do something for you ...

Nina: That's really nice.

Max: Just check and see if your father has already got home. He might be worried already and is gonna sentence you to two weeks without allowance because you are late.

Nina: Yeah, that'd be nice.

Max: Unfortunately. I won't be back at the office until this evening. But please come by or call me - if your father ist back, then we'll have something to celebrate, if not, then maybe I can do something for you.

Nina: Okay, I will do that.

Max: See you tomorrow and goodnight.

Nina: Goodnight.

Max: And sleep well.

Nina: You too.