To Find out the Password for Wladimir Kalenkow's Computer you need Wladimir Kalenkow's Computer, which stand in Wladimir Kalenkow's House on Wladimir Kalenkow's Desk and owns Wladimir Kalenkow. Before you begin the mission, you have to absolve the Mission Find the Cassette in Wladimir Kalenkow's House. After that you can read Wladimir Kalenkow's E-Mails.

The Code Edit

The first and the last at the Car, a quarter of the holes from the entrance to the Underground and finally the Guards of my work.

Nina: What is that? A type of code? Dad, sometimes you're really gaga.

To decode the Code Edit

  1. The first and the last at the Car:
    You have to go in the Inner courtyard from Wladimir Kalenkow's House and then go to Wladimirs Wartburg, the plate is B WK 283
  2. A quarter of the holes from the entrance to the Underground:
    Here you can count the holes from the drain cover.
  3. The Guards of my work:
    You just have to count the Statues Before the Berlin museum.
  4. Then go back to Wladimirs House.

The Solution Edit

  1. So the first is 2 and the last 3.
  2. He has 16 Holes, so a quarter is then 4.
  3. It is 2.
  4. So the Password is: 2 3 4 2.

Nina: No wonder that dad has spoken the combination of numbers on the Cassette. Nobody would come fast on this password.