For the mission Find the cassette in Wladimir Kalenkow's House you need to find the Cassette, which is in a little hole in the floor between the bed and Wladimir Kalenkows Desk in Wladimir Kalenkow's House.

  1. Get the Bicycle spoke :
    You have to go in the Inner courtyard from Wladimir Kalenkow's House and search in the garbage can at the right side from the House. Then you get the Rubber glove and the Bicycle spoke.
  2. Now go back to Wladimirs House.
  3. Now use the Bicycle spoke on the hole in the floor. Now we have the Cassette.
    1. Additional you can put the Cassette in the Cassette recorder.
    2. Then you can solve the Mission Find out the Password for Wladimir Kalenkow's Computer.

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