In this Mission you have to listen to Oleg Kamburskys conversation.

Needed Objects Edit

The Mission Edit

  1. You should click on the Window opening Behind Oleg Kamburskys Haouse.
  2. Then pushing the bell In front of Oleg Kamburskys House.
  3. Now put the pizza piece in the feeding bowl front of the Door.
  4. Now look in the Window opening.
  5. Then combine the salt and the pizza piece.
  6. Then combine the tape with the Handy
  7. At next make the sticky Handy on the Cat
  8. Then back to the Window opening
  9. Now go to the Cell phone and click on it.
  10. Now the cat runs out of the house and climb on the tree.
  11. Combine now the Handle and the plastic bag, then you have the Strengthened plastic bag.
  12. This one you have to combine with the tape and the Broomstick, then you have the Fishing-net.
  13. With this one you click on the Handy which lays on three, and then all is done.

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