In this mission you are in the House from Max Gruber and Nina Kalenkow should find out what Max did mean with his last sentence "Think over the honeymoon".

At First you have to find the backpack from Max, that is between the pinboard and the bookshelf. Then you have to open it in your inventory and you'll find a book about australia inside, you have to take a look closer and then you find 4 flags. When you take a look around the bedroom from max you see a map from australia at the wall, you have to click on it.

You have now to put the flags in the 4 Towns on the Map, which are missing in the list of contents in the book. A secret drawer then opens under Bed from Max Gruber, in this are the keys for the Museum in Berlin and for his Office.

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The 4 Towns are the follow Edit

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Broome
  • Hobart

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