(„Surname unknown“) Kalenkow
Frau Kalenkow
A Wedding photo from her and his Husband
Name („Surname unknown“) Kalenkow
Nickname Mother (called from Nina), Wife (called from Wladimir)
Characteristic died
Affiliation Kalenkow Family
First appearance Wladimir Kalenkow's E-mails
Last appearance
Favorite places Wladimir Kalenkow's House
Vehicles Unknown Car
Contacts to Nina Kalenkow, Wladimir Kalenkow
Extra information She is dead

Mrs Kalenkow (inofficial, † at ?) is the Wife from Wladimir Kalenkow and the Mother from Nina Kalenkow, later theoretical the sister-in-law from Max Gruber, because he married Nina in Secret files 3.

Her Surname is unknown, there's only one E-Mail, in which Nina assumes that she has died by a car accident. However, Wladimir says in the same e-mail, the „The types“ having killed her in a not known way. But when she has died, is also unknown.

In Wladimir Kalenkow's Office you find also a Wedding photo from her. Its the only known photo, even if it is very small.