Nina's Dream Wedding is a mission from Secret Files 3. Here you must fly with Nina out of the burning Church.

Instructions Edit

At first you have to extinguish the burning Shelf with the Goblet that stand over the well. When you have extinguish the shelf, you can take a plank in the inventory. then you find a mop, that you can lit on fire and so can you can burn the carpet, that lie in the way, down. When you have done this, you see a little opening above. Short next to the wall and the opening you see a statue, there is a little gap, that you can wide with the clotheshanger and the nail. Then you push the plank inside and you so you can reach on the statue.

When you are on the Statue, you can choice between a easy and a hard level of difficulty. Then you have to toss to the right and hte left, as long as Nina are at the Opening.

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