Police woman
Police woman
Name Police woman
Characteristic blonde hairs
Affiliation Berlin police department
First appearance Wladimirs Office telephone (NDS)
Last appearance Wladimirs Office telephone (NDS)
Favorite places Berlin
Vehicles maybe a police car
Contacts to Berlin police department
Nina Kalenkow
Detective Kanski (It's suspected and assumed by Nina)
Extra information no synchro, just represented pictorially in the NDS-Version.

The Police woman is a character from Secret files tunguska, which you just can hear and, in the NDS-Version, you can see her, when you click on Wladimirs Office telephone with the Use-Button and then Nina dial automatically the emergency call.

She works apparently in the Berlin police department.

Trivia Edit

  • You can just hear the Voice in the pc-version
  • You just can see the name and her appereance in the Nintendo-DS-Version.