This is the Telephone Call with the Berlin police department with happens in Wladimirs Office when you click on Wladimirs Office telephone.

The Call Edit

Nina: I don't know what's happened here, but I'd better call the police.

Police Woman: Berlin police department.

Nina: Hello, Nina Kalenkov here. You've got to send someone here right away. My father has disappeared without a trace.

Police Woman: Since when?

Nina: No idea. I wanted to see him at work, but he wasn't there. Instead, the place looks like it's been ransacked.

Police Woman: Is your father suicidal or mentally unstable?

Nina: What? No, of course not.

Police Woman: Sorry, we can't do anything then. Adults can only be reported missing if their lives are in danger or if there are extraordinary circumstances.

Nina: But this is an extraordinary circumstance!

Police Woman: Keep calm. I'm sure your father had something important to take care of and will get in touch soon. Don't worry.

Nina: Something important to take care of? Hello? Did you listen to anything I said? It looks like there was an earthquake here. Do you think he created this chaos himself and is looking for a cleaning lady right now?

Police Woman: Like I said, I can't do anything for you. Sorry.

Nina: Great! Thanks for nothin'! You were a BIG help!

(Nina hang up the telephone)

Nina: What I have to do? Send them two Fingers for them to get their butts in gear?