Wladimir Kalenkow's Office, also called Office Nr. 5 or Daddy's Office. It is a Room from Secret files tunguska and the office from Wladimir Kalenkow and it's located in the museum in Berlin. It is the first Location and Room after the intro where you solve taskes with Nina Kalenkow. The only door goes to the Corridor of the museum.

Objects Edit

Sorted from the left to the right

  • Picture
A picture of my parents' wedding. I think Dad still hasn't gotten over her death.
  • Certificate
An award from the Russian Academy of Science. I think that was for an expedition that my father made in the 50s or 60s.
  • Photo
The frame and glass are totally shattered, and the photo has been torn in half.
The radiator is lukewarm.
  • Radiator vent
You can use the valve as needed to release the air from the radiator.
The map shows a section of Siberia. No idea why my father hung it up here.
  • Desk
My father was never the picture of organization - but not even my place looks this bad.
  • File cabinet
All these files and records have been thrown out over the floor. It wouldn't have been been Daddy. Some one was in a great hurry to find something.
The phone in the office. Private conversations are strictly prohibited.
I think, this is where the rock samples undergo the first analysis.

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